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The premiere performance of the gastronomic theater SVET is called GUILTY SHOW. The viewer is invited to look at a fundamentally different angle on the current topics of the modern world: money, sex, idleness, power, ego. However, not with the aim of giving them an assessment, but to enjoy the contemplation of familiar phenomena from a non-standard point of view.

Каждая глава «GUILTY SHOW» приурочена к одной из слабостей, которая раскрывается через театральное искусство и подачу блюда с возможностью винного или коктейльного пейринга. Пройдя через все главы, вы заберете с собой не только экзистенциальные размышления и выводы, но и гастрономические впечатления.


Stanislav Pesotsky

Сoncept chef

One of the first and main popularizers of modern Nordic cuisine in Russia, the winner and ambassador of our country at many gastronomic festivals around the world. Stanislav has experience in Michelin restaurants in America, Norway, Sweden and Finland. His dishes balance on the verge of pure aesthetics of gastronomic minimalism and concentration of bright taste, causing fundamentally new impressions.

Sergey Glazkov

Project Director

Winner of many Russian theater awards, leading director of the Moscow Art Theater, owner of a unique talent and impressive theatrical experience. It is he who is the author of the production of Guilty Show - the ideas of the immortal creations of Dante and Agatha Christie became a source of inspiration for him, and the performance itself can rightfully take one of the main places in the maestro's portfolio.

Alexander Litvinov

Chef Bartender

He made a contribution to the formation of important locations of the capital's bar culture. The Wheretoeat award boldly names Alexander as an industry legend, and fans of his bar work follow him from institution to institution. In the SVET project, it will help enhance the guests' experience - a truly unusual bar list awaits them, in which each drink is a real gem of the art of mixology.