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Svet is not just a theater, it is an immersion into a unique world where every dish is part of a magnificent theatrical production. We combine vocal performances, stunning 360° visualization and fine dining to provide our guests with an experience they will never forget. At Svet, every dish is not just food, it is art, it is a continuation of the plot, it is an impression that will stay with you forever.

Join the Svet gastronomic theater team and create culinary works of art!

Efficiency and desire for excellence
Artistic taste and attention to detail
Willingness to develop and learn new things
The ability to remain calm even in the most stressful moments
If for you, as for us, uncompromising quality is important
Then you are exactly who we are looking for!

We are looking for not just a chef, but a like-minded person and long-term partner!
If you have:


Salary: 5 thousand for a 12-hour shift.
Free bean coffee and gourmet Asian dishes as staff food.
Modern, spacious kitchen in the very center of Moscow.
Opportunity to participate in the creation of an original menu and plated dishes.
Friendly and professional team.
Work according to a convenient schedule thanks to a fixed number of guests and a set menu.
One of the first and main popularizers of modern Nordic cuisine in Russia, the winner and ambassador of our country at many gastronomic festivals around the world. Stanislav has experience in Michelin restaurants in America, Norway, Sweden and Finland. His dishes balance on the verge of pure aesthetics of gastronomic minimalism and concentration of bright taste, causing fundamentally new impressions.


We invite you to become part of our team and, together with us, create unique gastronomic productions that will inspire and delight our guests every day.
We are waiting for your resume, collected in a separate file, and in your cover letter a short story about yourself